Designed by Poultry Professionals with Your Talent in Mind.
Prepares employees for your future needs!

Designed by and for working professionals
Supports career advancement
Courses delivered at a pace that works with other commitments
Teaches underlying principles, including practical applications
Engaging and interactive format 

In 12 credits, your employees will learn the underlying principles of poultry production and health in a complementary way that prepares them for the next level in their career. 

Conceived and designed by industry professionals and UMN educators with career development in mind, the certificate offers real world examples to take your employees from knowing the terms to understanding the principles.

The certificate focuses on basic understanding of the avian host as it relates to poultry production systems, the technologies and tools to assess health, and diagnosing and addressing disease. The enhanced knowledge and hands-on experience with Applied Poultry Science and laboratory molecular techniques position graduates to deal with commonly encountered issues that arise in poultry production and allied industries. 

The graduate certificate program is designed to be accessible, adaptable, and affordable. Students may register for single courses (core courses are three credits at $875/credit), or enroll in the full program ($10,500 total to earn the Poultry Certificate). This certificate is foundational; if interested in additional learning, eight credits can be applied to the Applied Poultry Sciences Master Program, and ten credits can be applied to the Doctorate Animal Science Graduate Program.